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Summary of Blog Post:
-Last Nights Gathering
-Prayer walks and upcoming events (TPC Serve Tomorrow 10:15 am) (Next Collective Gathering Feb 9th)
-Thanks to Eagle Point Recreation Center in Mont Belvieu!!

Wow! After lasts nights collective event we thank the Lord for His unending love and provision. He truly is Good! Expectations were exceeded, new relationships are beginning to form, and dreams are becoming a reality. One step at a time God is growing HIS church, all glory to Him! It was a milestone collective gathering “on our way” as a missional family. Last night began a new “phrase” and “phase” in the life of the Pathway Church…”Gathering those who have, to serve those who have not.” Its becoming a motto. Not to mention the food was incredible, and homemade desserts were a home run!

Along the way there are two types of events you can be a part of:

The Pathway Church Collective (Gathering those who have,)
The Pathway Church Serve (To serve those who have not)

In all of that we will be living out out our vision “leading people to choose a biblical pathway for real life” and we promise to abide in Christ, connect with others in genuine community, and give of our resources so others can experience Christ.

Join us tomorrow (Feb 2nd) for our first official TPC “Serve” as we meet at the Mont Belvieu city park at 10:15 a.m. under the big pavilion. We will begin a series of prayer walks through key areas, in Mont Belvieu and Baytown. Afterward join us for lunch!

Join us next Sunday (February 9th) for our next “Collective” event 10:15 a.m. at the Eagle Point Recreation Center in Mont Belvieu.

Join us Wednesday Febraury 5th for a Bible Study (We will call these LTG’s or Life Transformation Groups) 7 p.m.

We want to thank all of the great people at the Eagle Point Recreation Center in Mont Belvieu for their gracious service and hosting!



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