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Guys we are gearing up to launch this new church. This day has long been awaited and yes, we are ridiculously excited! We have determined to set ourselves up as a service based church and therefore have spent one solid year serving our community and focused on building that DNA of service into our blood. So here we are a year later and more than quadroupled in size getting ready to launch. Please continue to pray for us.

Here is how:

1.) We need protection from spiritual attack as we invade enemy territory. The devil does not want this, so we need prayer saturation.

2.) We need to build our launch team a bit more…would like 8-10 more people. We will also need some of you guys to come help us on launch day February 8th, and a few weeks/months after that. In a sense we need to borrow you! 😉 Please pray in that regard.

3.) We need three primary things that are essential to our launch. A sound system, which is roughly $5000, some visual equipment which is roughly $2500, and children’s ministry supplies, roughly $1500. Please pray about giving toward that effort.

4.) We also need roughly a 20 ft enclosed trailer for all of our equipment. Do you know someone willing to donate one? Or donate towards the purchase of one?

We ask you to pray for us, but we pray for you as well. Please let us know specifically how we can do so. We are so humbled and blessed that you guys are our extended friends and family. May God continue to bless you all this holiday

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