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As most of you know, Chris and I are in the beginning stages of planting a new church in Mont Belvieu, TX…the Pathway Church.  After years of God placing church planting on our hearts He has led us to such a time as this.  Mont Belvieu is a growing, thriving community with a need for passionate, God-honoring churches.  It is our desire to establish ourselves in the community and introduce those around us to what a relationship with Jesus Christ is really all about.

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Goodbye Status Quo

Posted By on Sep 28, 2013

I am tired of the status quo.

I am tired of scraping by and feeling satisfied with just enough.

God did not call me to live a life that looks like the world. He did not call me to live a life that constantly says “I need to do _________” yet rarely follows through. He didn’t call me to be so comfortable, that I float through life day by day, week by week, and look back and wonder how time went by so fast with little eternal value to show for it.

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