Refinery/Plant Worker and Vision

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Home to the most diverse city in the nation, and leading the world in blue collar shift workers, rests Houston Texas. In a stable east Houston middle class job market, many of these refinery workers do not work for the weekend because they do not have one. It is easy to make an extra dollar with another hour of over time, and another holiday away from their family. While chasing that bigger truck, hunting lease, or fishing boat, they are frequenting the bars that close at 2 a.m. and open again at 7a.m. to accommodate the ruthless schedules. These guys are politically conservative and spiritually far from God. Many of them are very honest, hard working guys who simply need a bit of encouragement in leading their families spiritually.

John Travolta set the stage 30 years ago in the feature Urban Cowboy which depicts the life of a man in our area. The only things that have changed are a dramatic increase in population, and now religious and ethnic diversity.

In East Houston we host one of the largest populations of prostitution, drug trafficking, and gang activity in the entire nation. Exceeding 85% of these people do not attend a church, nor do they profess to know Jesus Christ on a personal level. Amidst the brokenness stands a tireless group of 75 people (The Pathway Church) relentlessly working to intercede for these people who need a Jesus encounter. We have been actively serving and leading people to Christ for a solid 10 months and now plan to transition into our next phase of life.

February 2015 The Pathway Church will have a grand opening! Our weekly community service activities, after school mentoring program, home groups, and Sunday gatherings have created avenues of communicating to the people of East Houston. Refinery workers will soon be hearing the Gospel due to our in refinery bible studies, and strategic men’s emphasis efforts. The Pathway Church vision looks to lead broken people to choose a biblical pathway to real life. Often a life lived chasing money and possessions permeates every aspect of the blue collar plant workers life. These plant workers are no longer primarily caucasian but rather transplants from all over the nation and the world. They are not only bringing theirs households to Houston but also their religious beliefs and cultures. We must respond with a genuine urgency and passion to show God’s love and grace. A new church like The Pathway Church can aggressively reach them and will remain adaptable enough to make the lost, far from God, and unchurched its number one priority.



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