Trusting God

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Trusting God

This is definitely no new concept for Ashley and I. In fact, we have heard the cliche’ “just trust God!” hundreds of times in the last 9 months or so of this church planting journey. We often say that phrase to each other on tough days. However, this theoretical concept is much more difficult for us now that we must “actually” depend on Him completely. Honestly the phrase is not so cliche’ to us anymore, because its our new reality. I do not use the term “new” lightly. The concept has been around forever. However, our entire married life has contained stability, at least somewhat predictable outcomes, and easily measurable success. We have enjoyed all of our time in established church ministry, and for the most part we were good at it. We understood established church. Not that everything was easy, or that we always had the answers, because that’s never the case, but it was something we were very familiar with. We had seen it done tangibly, time and time again.

Now we have shifted to a new phase of life. We are church planters. Some would call us missionaries, others would call us crazy. Truthfully I am a little crazy! Its ok though because my wife is sane. That’s why we fit. Needless to say we are moving forward in our specific calling and toward making disciples of all nations. Which in our case includes the rapidly growing population of Baytown, Texas. And slowly but surely we are watching God provide for us exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or think. He is good! Each day is different and most days are filled with surprises. Some good, some tough, but overall it has been amazing to watch The Lord care for His children. We have purposed to teach Beau (our son) this principle. He is only two but he’s learning it. Each time God provides we celebrate it with our son. “Beau Jesus provided for us today! Because He loves us!” We are remembering that our relationship with God is one of sonship. We are His children and He’s the one who provides.

“Trusting” God means we “depend” on God. Kind of like a two year old child depends on his parents. We are learning to become more childlike in dependance on our Father. Isn’t it funny how as “educated” adults, we are re-learning one of the most fundamental principles of our faith….. Trust God.

I love the journey we are on and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:4



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