What’s going on right now?

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Before our Preview Services in January and Feb 8th launch?

Preview Services: January 11th and 25th (Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex)
Public Launch: February 8th (Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex)

Right Now
Currently we are meeting as a launch team at the Eagle Pointe Recreation Center in Mont Belvieu (Every Sunday 9:45 a.m. breakfast, 10 a.m. start), discussing core values and ministry teams. It’s kind of like an open town hall meeting each week. This is the perfect time for you to get involved. Anyone is welcome to join us and learn how to get involved and serve our community together. We always have breakfast and quality fun childcare so bring the family.

Who can help?
Truthfully, anyone! Even if you’d like to help Pathway for a fixed period of time we can place you in a ministry. Also if you like to start new things, this is a perfect setting for you. We have attracted a lot of entrepreneurial minded people. If you just want to make a financial contribution toward our efforts you can do so by pasting the link below into your browser:


Core Values: We are a service based church, come and learn what that looks like and how you can get involved in making positive change in our region.

Ministry Teams: Maybe you have a gift or talent you can offer to our service. We would love to have you help

Sign up for a ministry team now by pasting the link below into your browser!


You can also read more about us on our Website




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