What kind of Church is Pathway?

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We are a brand new church in the city limits of Mont Belvieu Texas that seeks to start other new churches in heavily growing areas around our country and the word. Our focus is on the East Houston region. We are focused on staying heavily connected to our community and to a broad network of churches, and seek to collaborate with our greater community to accomplish more. If you would like to see our Partners and Networks copy the link below into your browser:

Philosophically we are a service-based church. Basically our serving the community stays at the forefront of our calendar and plans. We have programs and activities but they all take a back seat to our service. We believe talk is cheap…so we like to show our love by action. We don’t believe sharing the Gospel of Jesus is enough, we like to show it as well.

Theologically, we have Baptist roots. However we break most of the non-essential “Baptist-like” perceptions. Our church sticks close to the scriptures and orthodox Christian doctrine, but in function we break a lot of tradition. We teach directly from the Bible and hold that very close to our hearts. Nothing we do compromises the integrity of scripture, but all that we do focuses on reaching any kind of person. Your background, appearance, or profession make no difference to us.

For more details feel free to consult our statement of beliefs page on our website! Just copy the link below into your browser.




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